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Stylish Remix

I created a contest entry in a few hours, and didn't make it. All is well, ya win lose some! Best of luck to the finalists!

About the drawing-it was for a frappucino cup design, with the buzzwords "blended remix" and "happy" as design cues. So...I played around with hair shapes and eventually ended at drawing a cool lookin' guy with hair shaped like a frappucino- drinking a frappucino, of course! A little brush pen drawing of him was derived from the sketches and then it was all composited in photoshop-with the addition of (happy) fruit, coffee beans, and random shapes and ice cubes. I figured with these colors and smiling fruit...the "happy" part would be visually obvious. I chose to use large black shapes in the guy because I personally like spotted blacks in non painted works-and for something as colorful as this is, its nice to have an area of "rest" for the eyes. It anchors everything.


Back with more updates soon!