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Blog of the ever learning artist- R. Lateef

R. Lateef X Kim Jung Gi

What another fantastic day! The amazing and ever inspiring artist, Kim Jung Gi appeared in a pop up art show, and I reserved a seat the minute I heard about it. The gallery was amazing...seeing all of his originals (most of which are in his sketchbooks, or "Spy Games") in frames and up close was a real treat.

The coolest part was the live drawing-for three hours, Kim Jung Gi, drew a lively street scene, likely inspired by the insane traffic here in SF. I was lucky to have a great FRONT ROW seat. The entire feat was done with just one brush pen. Seeing him think, draw, and then iterate on lines that would be a foundation of later parts of the composition was awesome.

The full drawing after three hours!

You can tell he is a really cool guy, and so was his staff--his manager, Hyunjin Kim, helped him out by assisting and recording, and his staff was very polite and ultra organized. They were coordinating the effort of the book signing and it was a real well-oiled machine. I'd say there were about 100 or so people at the event, and for every book there he signed AND sketched in each book. I truly appreciate getting the chance to meet him and admire his exceptional drawing skill. The man is a real inspiration.

I'd also like to personally just put my thanks out there for Kim Jung Gi and Hyunjin Kim. Hyunjin was really cool, and took a photo with me, as we have been facebook friends, but never ACTUALLY met or communicated in person. he also let come behind the table and recording Kim Jung Gi drawing in the books I purchased. He also relayed my message to Kim Jung Gi in Korean. SUPER cool guys. I really appreciate them doing the pop up show and drawing, working, and coordinating a smooth event for many hours. Kim Jung Gi drew for so many hours, I truly appreciate his skill and also kind words and gracious attitude throughout the evening. Much respect!

It was one of the best days I've ever had! I've learned a great deal. Video below of him going to work on that paper. Watch and learn!

Renwick Allen-McDowell