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Lateef X Felipé Smith

This weekend I met the talented, intelligent, and hard working writer-artist Felipé Smith!

Felipé started a about a decade ago with his series "MBQ" which starred a cynical young artist living his life--but getting involved with some crazy adventures during it. On a personal note, the story resonated with me, so it was especially important to sit and talk with him!

I had a great time with Felipé, very laid back and chill; and I just absorbed all of the amazing knowledge he gave me and my buddies. Felipé is especially notable because, to my knowledge he's the only American writer and artist to head to Japan and become serialized in a weekly magazine. His time working on "Peepo Choo" was a great learning experience for him, and I was interested in hearing all about it. If you're reading this, you have to check out his work--its REAL writing, you feel it...action, humor, titties, all of that is there too...but the personality is what you really really relate to. Everything just feels right. Furthermore, he writes real characters--more than the "above average good looking white guy" you see in most hero books. I really respect that he stars people of color, and like all humans, they aren't perfect...but they always have heart.

You can't teach that-I feel you have to have some life experience and really just have an understanding of people to do that and make it feel natural.

I appreciate the conversation and all of the advice and insight! Please support Felipé by buying "Ghost Rider", in which he is writing the best comic at Marvel right now, and check out his personal work as well! 

Thanks Felipé!

MBQ Volume 1
By Felipe Smith

Peepo Choo, Vol. 1
By Felipe Smith

Ghost Rider: In stores now.


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