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R.Lateef X Yoshinori Ono!

Ono as Hugo, and myself...trying to match his massive build!

Capcom Unity had a fantastic event in the San Francisco Bay area. Street Fighter producer, Yoshinori Ono (Street Fighter 3.3, 4, XTekken) visited dressed as HUGO-and signed posters, and took photos with many fans. A great highlight was that, he took a photo of my Hakan drawing (that I printed as a postcard for him) and tweeted it with his little Blanka figure! It was amazingly cool and kind of him. I even got a great Capcom jersey-signed by him; another kind gesture, as it was the prize I wanted, but a friend won via a raffle--and he kindly gave it to me.

Thanks for all of your hard work Ono-San--and thank you Francis, David, and Peter (Combofiend) for organizing a really nice community event! It is certainly appreciated and your work is certainly noticed. 

Renwick Allen-McDowell