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Its about time that I create another blog update! Meeting artists is my usual post, but I figured this is cool enough...

Arcade games are something that has influenced my work a great deal, so I figured..'Why not show off the machine!?" As a side hobby, I restored (i.e fixed the monitor, monitor chassis, added many boards, added more control panel really a restoration!) a broken arcade machine-and its my main console these days. While brand new, online enabled games are fantastic...nothing takes the place of these games in arcade machines for me! Right now I have quite a few games, almost all Capcom Fighters, and a few rare ones, like "Martial Masters." (If youve never heard of that, check this out:

This all started years ago though. Kind of like a fated story--own my 10th birthday, I had this party at a lazer tag place back in Charleston, called "Q-Zar." I saw Street Fighter III: New Generation, and saw Sean and Elena on the attract mode. I instantly wanted to draw like that. It had the best marquee-it just said "THREE." Super cool. As such, it was the first game that I bought.



Renwick Allen-McDowell