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Lateef X Koji Morimoto, and Tadanobu Asano at Japan Film Festival 2015 Opening Night

This has been a great weekend! The San Francisco J-POP Summit started off this year fused with the 7th annual Japan Film Festival. I've wanted to check out this festival for some time since moving here, and I was finally able to. As fate would have it, I was interested in each event there.

The night opened with Tadanobu Asano (Ichii The Killer, amongst many other films) being given an award, and a few introductory and congratulatory remarks. Then, we watched a screening of ELECTRIC DRAGON 80000V. I'd been wanting to watch this for sometime, as my buddy (a fantastic artist)  Nat Landry told me that it was his favorite film. Its been tough to find a physical copy of with subtitles, so this was a chance I didn't want to miss! 

The film is amazing. Hands down the coolest film I've ever seen. I don't want to say much about it, as I would just suggest you watch it. After the screening there was a QA session with him, and I was able to record video, and rip the audio out of it. Feel free to take a listen here, and I do apologize for the couple seconds where it may cut out. At one point I needed to switch memory cards. I'd say its a great primer into the film if you hadn't seen it, and its a better way of describing its feel than I could.

Following that, DJ Ken Ishii DJ'd a live session of booming audio to accompany Koji Morimoto's short, "Dimension Bomb" from GENIUS PARTY BEYOND. It was an incredible experience. 20 minutes of breathtakingly beautiful animation with a live audio soundtrack. It was like they were creating directly in front of you. Something amazing about Morimoto-san's short was that, it felt...classic. Technically and logically, its very new-but despite the vivid visuals, the color and lighting, while bright in some scenes, never felt like the newer computer generated graphics of today. This short was a testament that you can keep the feeling of what really works and use new tools. Incredibly impressive.

It was an incredibly cool event, and most certainly the coolest film and animation event I was lucky enough to be a part of.

The wisest and most stylish-looking elders I've ever seen!

The wisest and most stylish-looking elders I've ever seen!

I didn't want to be rude and record the film for the purposes of being respectful to Morimoto's work. So, check out Genius Party! The shot above was one that I thought was cool. (A google search will yield you more results if youre interested, but again, out of respect I didnt want to capture much.) I greatly appreciate Morimoto-san, Asano-san, and all the staff of the JPOP Summit and Japan Film Festival for putting together such a memorable night!

DJ Ken Ishii's setup

Renwick Allen-McDowell