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Guardian Angels

I've been having some fun with a design I've worked on this week. As a huge fan of side scrolling beat-em-up games, like Final Fight and Streets of Rage, I've been working on a character that would fit into a world of that style. Those late 80's early 90's dark alleys and neon lights, with slick streets and riddled with violence and crime are (strangely) really reminiscent of the action films I grew up with in the crime drama, buddy cop, HK cop and Van Damme era. So, as such those games and films are really important to me.

While discussing this era with my buddy Lamar, he informed me of a group called the Guardian Angels. He grew up in NYC in the early 80s so he saw a lot of the real life stuff that I only saw in film. He was telling about this group and I thought it was too interesting to not draw.

Image credit via reddit, photographer unknown

The Guardian Angels are a vigilante group of crime fighters, who, wanted to rid the streets of NYC (and later, many other cities) of crime. So they took it to the streets themselves. They fought, trained, and became a prevalent local anti-crime force. Lamar was telling me that everyone was pretty fit, and even the criminals were too---it was just like dudes working out on the train and then intimidating others. 

Guardian Angels on the New York City subway, 1980, Bruce Davidson

So with this, a new series of illustrations and designs in this world are something you'll see a good bit of. To think that that a group would take up martial and defends the streets...its just too cool. Media of the 80s and 90s are just top tier...

Thanks for viewing.

Renwick Allen-McDowell