Creative Direction/Illustration

Diner Dash 2014

Character works for the new "Diner Dash" game. These characters are all created in vector and set up for animation.  Below are some of the rough sketches that led to creation of each character seen here. 

Environment concepts were later changed significantly, but informed the changes as a solid base. Many of the sketches inform some designs, and are fairly rough.

Diner Dash is known for themed restaurants and as such, each restaurant has a few themed decoration sets to coincide with it. They match the venues that they belong to (in theme, color, style) and all contain a serving counter, table set, VIP table (for bosses) and a carpet.  

Plates, placemats, whipped cream, and condiment bottles are shown in a few of the sets and on VIP tables, are stock assets used through the game.

All characters here are property of Playfirst/Glu Mobile.