Creative Direction/Illustration

MARVEL Avengers Academy

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All images used with permission from Anna Wahlgren.

Avengers Academy key visual by David Nakayama/Cole Marchetti

Avengers Academy was a mobile free to play game for iOS/Android. Contributions included UI/UX for the event systems and additional features, 2D art, paint-over 3D models and marketing art.. In the gallery below you can view some of the UI styling, most notably the event UI—each month a new tie-in to a film or tv show was surfaced to players, and the UI went through a dynamic thematic shift to showcase the new characters, villains, and areas to explore. You can view the concepts of these, the final versions of the frames, and customized logos and buttons I created per event. Additionally, marketing collateral, trading cards and 2D character art for a few characters are displayed.


UI/UX Wireframes and Designs